Designing purpose-built storage has been a passion of ours for the education space, as we support our academic partners in their pursuit for excellence. From universities, colleges, schools, academic centres and libraries, CSM have supplied quality storage that aids learning and interaction.

CSM has established itself as a leading supplier, having worked with most of Australia’s largest academic institutions. CSM applies the same unique practical logic for cost effective space saving ideas for student art, materials and books, uniform and space saving equipment, to heavy duty and dedicated storage of field equipment, precision instruments, samples and specimens, and research products in universities and research facilities.

Looking for durable products for high usage areas? All our products are hand finished, welded for strength, and built with durability in mind. What’s more, we’re ISO 9001, ISO14001 and GECA Level A certified so you can trust that no compromises have been taken with our locally made products.

Back of house filing storage to file critical documents … secure lockers for educators and students alike … through to open library shelving or planter boxes for collaborative spaces.

Ask our in-house consultancy arm of the business about smarter storage optimisation and our records management options.