UNSW Electrical Engineering Building

UNSW Electrical Engineering Building

The University of New South Wales is passionate about creating spaces that engage and inspire the student community. The new refurbishment of the Electrical Engineering Building looks to elevate the learning environment with superior products by CSM.

Located in Sydney’s east, The University of NSW Electrical Engineering Building Randwick sets a precedent for addressing the advantages and importance of agility in education spaces.

Originally built in 1963, the building is located on one of the main thoroughfares of the university campus. Creative powerhouse, HASSELL Studio was engaged to offer a contemporary facelift to the south and north block buildings.

The refurbishment looked to offer a new generation of students with a space that ensured a world-class teaching, learning and research facility. In collaboration with head contractor, A W Edwards completed the $104m project which included new façade elements, an accessible roof, an upgrade of all services and a production supply of premium-grade CSM Office Furniture Solutions products offering a contemporary, new fit out to support one of the most esteemed Electrical Engineering schools in the world.

Inspired by the original fabric of the building, the design team wanted to showcase this impressive reputation with a vibrant space that celebrated the students in today’s context with design longevity for the future generation.

Working collaboratively with Designer, HASSELL and the construction team at A W Edwards, CSM where able to create the desired environment within a tight program. Products supplied included Self Based Mechanically Assisted Rolling Storage and Tambour Door Caddy’s. Systems Shelving were supplied with decorative end panels and adjustable shelves. Work Station Towers with planter boxes on the top were supplied in a weave perforation. Other products also include CSM Open Book Cases, Long Span Shelving and Infinity Door Cabinets, with a joinery top panel and slotted shelving.

The CSM combination locking system on the student lockers also offered an easy solution for student use, as well as for facilities management to maintain. Apart from offering flexibility, it also supports to move to sustainability, using products that meet sustainability requirements on the project.

For a detailed interview with Hassell’s design lead on this project, Nathan Humphries