The innovative design and consistent high quality associated with the CSM product range has resulted in many highly respected and leading Australian corporate, professional services and government sector organisations selecting CSM as their choice of supplier.

CSM has established a strong customer base outside of Australia and Exports products to a range of foreign countries. This includes distribution through a number of Dealers throughout the Middle East.

Our engineering staff are highly experienced in the design of customised products for special applications, as well as effectively adapting to suit specialised situations.

CSM adheres to Australian Standards guidelines:

AS 2143-1978 Industrial and Commercial State Shelving Guidelines  for HB 96: 1997 Mobile Shelving for Archives, Libraries and Museums

AS 15489.1-2002 Records Management – General

CSM is a recognised supplier of NSW Government Steel Storage Contracts 1006 and a Federal Government endorsed supplier. CSM is an SCEC Endorsed ‘B’ and ‘C’ Class Locking Cabinets and Mobile Shelving units.

CSM are now operating as Australia’s only office storage supplier dedicated to product  flexibility and quality. CSM are proud to be able to offer the multitude of benefits that their fully automated product plant provides and invites Customers to visit our plant for a personalised tour of this exciting machinery.

Tying in with CSM’s longstanding philosophy of supporting customisation of product for all client types, particularly designers and architects, CSM’s Fabrication Centres allows product variations not previously available in Australia. Design changes and product developments can be incorporated continuously and efficiently.

CSM’s plant brings high-volume efficiency to short -volume runs required in today’s rapidly changing business environment. This means our clients can modify office storage product to suit any individual environment.

CSM products comply with access requirements under the following :

  • Building Code of Australia (BCA)
  • Disability and Discrimination Act of Australia (DDA 1992)