CSM understands the need for flexibility with education storage and the unique requirements for multifunctional learning spaces. Education providers need to equally support large groups, small groups and individuals alike.  So too do storage requirements.

A trusted supplier of government furniture, CSM have worked with educators and architects to design, manufacture and install storage for active learning spaces.

Our clients include Corporate, Municipal, Universities, Schools, Public Libraries and Media Centres.

Whether you require secure locker storage for students, open library books, cabinets for storage of private records and valuable supplies, workbars for collaborative spaces or planter boxes for quiet zones and breakout areas.

Whether you are designing an multilevel overall storage solution for a newly developed education centre or require a few additional storage cabinets.

Our range includes Rolling Storage, Open Shelving, Education and Library Shelving, School Lockers, Bookcases and cupboards, Trolley’s, Tub Tray Storage and Bags.

With the shift towards increased sanitation as key consideration our locker range features electronic locking, reducing cross-contamination by eliminating additional touchpoints

Stowing away items is made easy with our many locking options and colour choices.

And our inhouse after sales service team are available to answer any product or maintenance concerns.

CSM – promoting organised spaces that makes a positive impact in our communities, for a better world.

At CSM, we can provide secure locker storage solutions for students, open library books, cabinets for admin or private records, and valuable supplies even you are outside Sydney and in Canberra, Melbourne, Newcastle, Wollongong, Brisbane, or anywhere in Australia.