Tub Tray Storage

Tub Tray Storage

Keep up with the evolution of contemporary classroom culture and unlock the potential of your school space with the modular and flexible solutions offered by CSM Tub Tray Storage.

CSM Tub Tray Cabinets extend the utility and functional possibilities of the school. Integrating seamlessly with CSM’s Lockers and Shelving, CSM Tub Tray Storage allow relocation, reconfiguration and upscaling at every  turn.

Ideal for:

  • Task-specific storage or workpoint surfaces
  • Project and personal items storage
  • High traffic use
  • Low to high density storage

CSM Tub Tray Cabinets are constructed from melamine and laminate finishes, engineered for durable performance. Bespoke solutions are available for clients wanting a tailored and refined school environment.

Guaranteed to perform, CSM Tub Tray Cabinets are designed and manufactured in Australia by CSM.

  • Freestanding Design – no onsite installation required
  • Modular – Add or remove tubs over time in line with changing needs, without the need for a total redesign or replacement.
  • Robust construction – manufactured from melamine or laminate to ensure a long life, with smooth interiors to protect valuable contents which can withstand hard knocks and harsh treatment.
  • Flexible Door options – doors available for loking in valuables
  • Doors and external panels may be specified in timber / laminate finishes, recycled and composite materials.
  • Contemporary Colours – Extensive Laminate finsihes avilable
  • Locking flexibility for door model – Options include traditional keying (including master keying)
  • Accessories – Additional accessories include, adjustable shelves, alpha-numeric labelling
  • Easy disassembly – in line with the CSM Product Stewardship and Takeback Program, the cabinets have been manufactured for disassembly.
  • Free from chemicals – no chemicals are used during manufacturing, and no metals are chemically pre-treated.
  • Australian designed and engineered – designed and engineered in Australia by CSM, to perfectly suit Australian workplace needs and conditions.
  • Highest Green Star rating – both CSM steel and laminate lockers have been certified to the highest-level Green Star points rating in recognition of their environmental friendliness. Both Laminate and Metal lockers to FSC and GECA FFMv3.0-2017 Level A.
  • ISO Certified – CSM is certified to ISO 9001 Quality Assurance and ISO 14001 Environmental Management System, which affirms our commitment to quality products and processes.
  • Eco-light manufacturing – we consider the environment at every stage and act to reuse all packaging material, and to reuse all collected rainwater on gardens and in toilets.


  • Adjustable shelves
  • Alpha-numeric labelling
  • Coat rails
  • Locker identification plates
  • Planter boxes
  • Bag store
  • Utility drawer
  • Stand