Office Utilization Apps

CSM’s office utilisation apps offer a smart response to the evolving nature of the contemporary workplace where agility and flexibility is required.

Promising greater freedom and convenience, CSM’s range of keyless locking, entirely touchless and smart locking apps allows users to have greater security, flexibility, hygiene and simplicity all at a thumb scroll.

CSM Perspective and Discovrlock Apps provide an easy-to-use alternative to hardwired locking systems.

CSM Discovrlock is designed as a standalone touchless locking solution or can be integrated with the state of the art WEQA Perspective App wayfinding service for a comprehensive workplace locking solution.

Ideal for:

Enhanced security, hygiene and flexibility

Frictionless workspaces and facilities – touchless

Personal allocated or shared unallocated applications

Small office lockers and large corporate installations

Agile offices, Schools, Universities, End of Trip, Health

Pop-up and temporary locker facilities as only 240 PowerPoint is required.

Uses existing Wifi – no computer cabling-

High traffic and long term use

CSM Discovrlock is a simple solution for all personal and shared storage lockers.