Perspective App

Perspective App

Responding to the increasing need for touchless wayfinding systems for the commercial environment, WEQA created the Perspective App – a mobile app system covering all assets in the commercial environment including personal and shared storage, desking, collaborative and multimedia workplace tools. With Perspective App, users can access a touchfree model for wayfinding, allocation and booking office-wide, while administrators can have total transparency on asset utilisation, maintenance cycling, hygiene management and reporting.

In collaboration with WEQA, CSM is proud to offer the completely integrated CSM Discovrlock with Perspective App – now offering users a touchless locking and security for all personal and shared storage.

Unlock the commercial asset mix, provide vital workplace resources and reassure team safety with CSM Discovrlock and Perspective App’s touchless asset management system.

Watch this video more information about Perspective Mobile App

User Experience: End-Users

Perspective Mobile App provides a simple self-serve model removing human contact with the commercial asset mix. In the space of a single workday, employees can organise their whole-of-day-journey through Perspective Mobile App by:

  1. Logging into Perspective Mobile App before arrival, reserving workspaces, searching for available desks, lockers and other resources or searching for the location of colleagues and teams across workplaces of any scale
  2. For guests, no-touch log-in via App download or low-touch log-in via kiosks
  3. Scan QR codes on any workplace asset, to confirm desking, workspaces, and lockers are in use as well as report any faults or defects

User Experience: Administrators

Perspective Mobile App promises full transparency and control of commercial workplace assets for facility and property management teams. Dashboards, real-time reporting and integration with existing in-situ facilities and building management software enables:

  1. Administrators to link Perspective App use statistics with multiple locations, organisations, workflows and security software
  2. Determine use patterns for communal assets which require cleaning and disinfecting
  3. Set timed schedules for certain asset use (i.e. shared facilities)
  4. Configure workflows, traffic, circulation, arrival and disembarkation for individuals, teams and guests

Australia-based software development company, WEQA, offers digital solutions to make implementation, management and adaptation to the flexible working environment simple and successful.

In collaboration with CSM Discovrlock, the Perspective App developed by WEQA software engineers takes confusion, productivity drain and potential end user risk out of the equation for businesses operating under turbulent conditions.

Seeking to ensure businesses can remain confident in a touch-free context, WEQA works hard to deliver workspace asset transparency, privilege based visibility, team collaboration tools, multi-device access and powerful reporting capabilities through Perspective Mobile App.

WEQA is committed to supporting Perspective Mobile Apps’ whole user chain: offering support services around the clock, reduced lead times for critical issues resolution and ongoing on-site training for administrators and end users.

CSM Discovrlock with Perspective App can be tailored to individual workplace needs, giving a double-headed opportunity for end users and facility managers to control the complete spectrum of office resources:


  • The Mobile App tracks real-time visibility of available workspaces, assets – lockers, desks and tools
  • Mobile workspace management software ensures touch-free allocation, booking and configuration models for workspace control
  • CSM DIscovrlock offers users and administrators a hygienic, touch-free solution to accessing lockers in an instant. Combined with Perspective App, users can securely operate workplace assets remotely.
  • Perspective App’s user privilege dashboard gives facility managers complete and instant use patterning control, in addition to demographic and use statistics for whole of workplace facilities and each individual asset


  • Perspective App’s software-as-service model integrates with existing building management software
  • Simple QR code access allows users and administrators to manage the allocation, utilisation and hygiene control of any workplace’s total asset mix


  • Wifi-enabled technology and 4G rollover ensures the mobile app software is safeguarded against any disruptions
  • Cloud software reduces all data impact on company servers, storing whole database of Perspective App’s service
  • High levels of security encryption protect Perspective App users and offer administrators modifiable security controls


  • Perspective App is a low-cost resource for businesses, with the majority of hardware investment already covered by employee smartphones
  • Perspective App is compatible with user-pay models.


  • User ability to sign-in to multiple devices for ongoing and advance booking
  • Manager ability to link with multiple organisations, workflows, monitor cleaning and use cycles and control security
  • Visibility based on geo location, realtime wayfinding 3D-photography
  • Cable-free and Wifi-enabled integration with all pre-existing workplace assets and building management active directories
  • Custom branded app capabilities
  • Total transparency for administrators managing team, individual and guest access