DiscovrLock - Smart Locker

DiscovrLock - Smart Locker

CSM developed a smart locker solution in response to the evolving nature of the contemporary working world where agile models have not only changed the way we work but also the physical spaces in which we carry it out.

Promising greater freedom and convenience for the agile workplace, CSM Discovrlock App offers keyless locking access across a range of the CSM Locker portfolio. Entirely touchless, the CSM Discovrlock App allows users to have greater flexibility, hygiene and simplicity to the workplace all at a thumb scroll.

CSM Discovrlock App provides an easy-to-use alternative to hardwired locking systems.

CSM Discovrlock is designed as a standalone touchless locking solution or can be integrated with the state of the art WEQA Perspective App wayfinding service for a comprehensive workplace locking solution.

Ideal for:

Enhanced security, hygiene and flexibility

Frictionless workspaces and facilities – touchless

Personal allocated or shared unallocated applications

Small office lockers and large corporate installations

Agile offices, Schools, Universities, End of Trip, Health

Pop-up and temporary locker facilities as only 240 PowerPoint is required.

Uses existing Wifi – no computer cabling-

High traffic and long term use

CSM Discovrlock is a simple solution for all personal and shared storage lockers.


  • Keyless, digital lock with Mobile App access
  • Main hardware item is the users smartphone
  • Connectivity via existing client wifi and is cloud based. There are no demands on the clients IT resources or network. No requirement for Coms rooms, server racks or storage space on computer drives.
  • Only 240 volt power point is required.
  • Mechanical override capability
  • Full usage and error reporting
  • App allows users and administrators to manage the allocation, utilisation and hygiene control of any workplace’s total asset mix
  • Wifi-enabled technology and 4G rollover capability ensures the mobile app software is safeguarded against any disruptions
  • Total transparency for administrators managing team, individual and guest use


  • Simple to use smartphone base APP
  • Frictionless – Touch free operation – in normal operation only the users smart phone is touched
  • Optional Touch screen user access provides flexibility in the event that the user’s smartphone is store in the locker for charging or lost or inoperable.
  • Optional key override provides full comfort in the event of major power and network failure.
  • Mobile App tracks visibility of available lockers and shows available lockers close to the users work zone, desk or team  thus reducing  time to find and select a suitable locker
  • User selectable options for that day’s use such as preferred  location, height above floor level (including Disability requirements), and locker characteristic such as size, hanging space, charging facilities
  • Selection of day use locker may be made in advance close to that day’s work area or work team
  • Public (multiple uses) or Private (single use) on any or all lockers defined by Administrator

Technical Workshop

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