Work Aisles

CSM’s new Work Aisles range features lockable shared storage so team members can safely store their personal items in close proximity, recycling units for touchless rubbish disposal and smart storage space dividers that double as planters for a safely distanced, biophilic workspace.

Workplace neighbours encourage more collaboration, increase productivity, and enable space efficiency that puts people first. Designed for flexibility Work Aisles are perfect seamless side-by-side banking and space management.

Open, closed, locked or touch-free – you can easily adapt the Work Aisle modules to mix lockers, hinged door cabinets, bookcases, touch-free rubbish and recycling cabinets in a variety of sequences to meet the storage needs of each work zone.

Work Aisle is Australian designed and manufactured, which means greater flexibility, shorter lead times and sustainability.

Work Aisle by CSM is designed and manufactured in Sydney.