Work Aisles Duo Elevate + Planter

Work Aisles Duo Elevate + Planter

Work Aisle Duo Elevate combines easily with planter boxes to bring lush plant life to the workplace. Configuring a two cabinets, Work Aisle Duo provides an agile, multipurpose storage solution for modern work, learning and social spaces.

Open, closed, locked, or touch free – you can easily adapt the Work Aisle modules to mix lockers, hinged door cabinets, bookcases, touch-free rubbish and recycling cabinets in a variety of sequence to meet the storage needs of each work zone.

Providing function and form, the units create aisles within a space, offering separation and privacy for each neighbourhood. The Duo will adapt easily to changing floor configurations or to suit the needs of a growing team.

CSM products are commercial-grade quality meeting the highest health and environmental standards. The Work Aisle Duo is Australian designed and manufactured which means greater sustainability and investment in design details and shorter lead times.

Adding biophilic elements to workplaces enhances productivity, overall team health, satisfaction and retention. Plants can also reduce noise and create extra privacy for workplace neighbourhoods. Work Aisle combines easily with planter boxes to bring lush plant life to the workplace.

Features and benefits
• Mix and match 2 storage cabinets in one module
• Personal storage; 2 door, 4 door or 6 door locker cabinets
• Add open bookcases to display and organise books, stationery, and other office essentials
• Hinged door cabinets with adjustable shelves keep files and boxes easily stored and accessible
• Provide teams with hygienic touch-free rubbish and recycling cabinets in central locations
• Locking flexibility
• 200+ powder coat finishes
• UV-resistant colours that won’t fade or chip
• Select from durable custom laminate bench top finishes
• High quality 0.95mm zinc seal steel powder coat finish
• Modular and reconfigurable design
• Effortless maintenance
• Easy disassembly
• Reusable and fully up-scalable
• Recyclable
• Australian designed and engineered
• NSW Government & Education Contract Approved
• Highest Green Star Rating: FSC and GECA FFMv3.0-2017 Level A
• ISO Certified: ISO 9001 Quality Assurance and ISO 14001 Environmental Management System

Overall Width 1800mm
Cabinet Module Width 900mm
Planter Height 250mm
Depth 450mm
Overall Height 1300mm

Dimensions in mm, nominal sizes

Custom dimensions and specifications are available. Contact CSM.

Technical Workshop

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