About Us

“Throughout the development and pricing stages of the TAL project, CSM were active partners and showed flexibility in their approach to information required by the client, and great capacity to manufacture where we were faced with both a tight timeframe and specialised product variations to rolling storage units. The smart architectural appearance of the perforated sliding door system integrates into the overall design.” – Cathy Jameson, Geyer

Our Story

65 years of experience means CSM is a brand you can trust.

CSM has built decades-long relationships with leading Australian corporate and professional services, government bodies and education providers. Our products have always been designed for innovative organisations like these, and offer storage and filing solutions that actually support and help people everyday.

Over time, we have seen the evolution of the contemporary workplace and how this affects team productivity, individual efficiency and, ultimately, the happiness of every single person contributing to workplace endeavours.

We know that high-quality, commercial-grade products, custom solutions and future-proofed design make profound impacts on running better businesses.

And it’s why we design and modify our storage and filing systems to meet the needs of the trailblazing and motivated individuals behind them.

Who We Are

From the start, CSM is committed to local manufacturing. It now operates as Australia’s only manufacturer of commercial and industrial storage systems with a specialised focus on technical innovation, product flexibility and quality.

With a local mindset, we are able to achieve significant sustainable outcomes: supporting the economies, communities and collaborators on our doorstep, and operating at a variety of inventory scales to minimise freight, lead times, waste and harmful impacts on the environment.

Powered by our engineering and design expertise, the CSM Fabrication Centre works to perfect design customisation and production detailing to create durable, tomorrow-ready products.

CSM brings you more than 65 years of expertise in design, product manufacture, solutions engineering, project delivery and customer success.

We use original thinking to find individual solutions.

Just like you.

Others that seek inferior import alternatives where labour and WHS are uncontrolled, results in products from factories where workers are treated unethically.

CSM and its suppliers commit to providing equal opportunity for all staff and encourage ongoing training and education. A safe work environment is paramount and CSM maintain strict WHS practices and an active safety committee with worker participation. The company ensures all suppliers conform to these codes.

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