CSM provides holistic, versatile and integrated solutions for our clients. We’re passionate about bringing outstanding service to every phase of every project. Our team of experienced professionals comprises industrial and interior designers, specialist consultants, engineers and project managers delivering a unique service offering tailored to the needs of each client. Including:

  • Bespoke and customised product design
  • Information management consulting
  • Storage needs analysis
  • Customer care
  • Environmental focus

bespoke design

We know that your team is unique and, as such, has individual needs. It’s why our team of experienced industrial designers and engineers work directly on all projects, creating custom solutions for your team’s particular needs. This truly collaborative approach supports cleints from the concept stage all the way through to site delivery, minimising risks and enhancing your project outcome.

project management

The CSM Project Management team offers extra validation to your project delivery and performance. It ensures there are no onsite delays, thereby saving time and costs. Working alongside builders and project managers, the CSM Project Management team is a core part of our client success initiatives that guide projects from concept stage through to post-occupancy analysis.

The CSM Project Management Team works with clients on ongoing projects by:

  • Integrating with your project manager and design team
  • Project managers work with CSM’s team to develop requested specifications
  • Seamless delivery of projects with on time and superior quality

information and consultancy

CSM will show how to unlock the potential of your greatest asset: information. Thanks to our diverse expertise, CSM looks after the filing and storage needs of organisations of all sizes, operations and sector requirements.

We offer a range of targeted services to look after your needs:

  • Records management
  • Electronic document management
  • Filing and storage audits
  • File conversions and computerised filing labelling software
  • Storage consultancy
  • Filing and storage relocations
  • Office reconfiguration (churn)

What is records management?
The aim of records management is to develop a system that records the information, has the ability to track it and then distribute it simply.

Once our Project Management team has a full understanding of how you currently manage information within your organisation, CSM will co-ordinate specialist consultants to analyse and advise on implementation of:

  • Scanning electronic document management
  • Staff training
    Oversee the conversion process
  • Assist in the preparation of policy and standards
  • Establishing retention schedules
  • Analysing secondary storage options
  • Change management

We are able to assist in the provision of file conversion and document management services. CSM can manage the implementation process and provide trained staff to convert new file covers, label and re-file vital information; co-ordinate a labeling bureau to produce new file referencing systems and navigation; and can consult on a range of processes related to long-term planning, quality reporting and best or past practice evaluation.