30th Nov 2021

Smarter storage for the flexible workplace

CSM’s new Work Aisles range shows that smart storage can be more than just where you can keep personal items at the office, but also the key to enhanced connection and productivity.

18th Oct 2021

CSM is an approved contracted supplier to all NSW Government Agencies for both Office and Education Furniture.

CSM continues to be an authorised supplier for the NSW Government Office and Education Furniture Contract inclusive of our full range of integrated storage systems.

27th Apr 2021

Chau Chak Wing Museum begins a new era in contemporary museology

With the onset of the global pandemic, and in light of the rapidly growing importance of human-centric values, museums have been undergoing a dynamic transformation. Today, they play a pivotal role in representing a diverse intersection of international and local communities with the view of building a better understanding of the world around us – and contributing to protecting human dignity, fostering social justice and striving to improve global equality and well-being.

19th Feb 2021

8 trends transforming pandemic-conscious offices in 2021

From experimental facilities management protocols to app-based team organisation technologies, we discuss the 8 most impactful trends changing offices in 2021 CSM understands the need for businesses to radically amp up the rate of digital competency and introduces WEQA's end to end solution for a frictionless working environment. Perspective APP provides an innovative solution for ABW and agile workplaces undergoing frustrations and daily interruptions in this uncertain period of transition.

Art Storage | Collections & Artefact Storage Sydney
12th Jan 2021

Museums Matter - Culture and the National Economy

Behind the often-stunning facades of our museums, art galleries, cultural centres and design precincts often resides the real heart and soul of the iconic buildings, the back-of-house spaces drive the long-term preservation of our nation’s priceless art and artefact holdings, ensuring their correct handling and safety for generations to come. And with their crucial role in preserving Australia’s cultural heritage, it’s no wonder that they’re slowly opening up to visitors curious about the operational side of such pertinent, majestic institutions. Across Australia, CSM’s Cultural Collections specialists have worked with famed State and National museums, galleries and organisations as well as their equally important regional outposts, promoting smarter, future-forward and safer storage solutions.

2nd Jun 2020


With the role of modern libraries still firmly focused on sourcing, preserving and enabling access to physical collections, these masters of adaptability have also become significant drivers of innovation, digitalisation and interaction in their local communities.

28th Mar 2020


CSM would like to thank all the attendees and co sponsors for participating in INTREC'S Annual golf day last week at Killara Golf Club NSW

27th Mar 2020

A prestigious new facility for Taronga Zoo

The three-storey Institute of Science and Learning was inspired by the natural world and is an expression of Taronga Zoo’s sustainability credentials and continuous conservation efforts. Designed by NBRS Architecture, the space provides an aesthetically pleasing and functional environment for scientists, educators and visitors coexisting under the institute’s roof. Full Indesignlive article here

20th Mar 2020

Bowled Over 2020

Bowled Over 2020, hosted by CSM along with Polytec, Milliken-Ontera, James Richardson Furniture, Talostone, and Diverse Products Agency. Bringing the A & D community together to convene over some beverages and bowls.

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