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Get 15% Off Hotbox Locker Caddies

If the last couple of years has confirmed one thing — workplaces are constantly changing.

Never has it been more important to remain adaptable and when you’re managing flexible working arrangements, more traditional formats or even cutting-edge modular and non-assigned office layouts, teams require an equally versatile storage solution. CSM Locker collection offers the greatest range of workplace, education, gym and EOT lockers in Australia. Our collection has the most comprehensive range of locker accessories and locking solutions for every project.

Get 15% Off Hotbox Locker Caddies

CSM Locker collection and accessories are designed to assist workplace flexibility. Employee carry all – Hotbox locker caddies, support agile work environments allowing for safe secure storage of personal belongings. Hotbox isn’t just a carry product; it quickly and efficiently allows you to define your workspace anywhere.

Receive 15% off all Hotbox Locker Caddies with every CSM Locker order until 31st October, 2022.

For over 30 years we have been providing lockers and storage solutions for a diverse range of government departments, education, and workplace environments.


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