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Providing Flexibility For Changes Collection Requirements

Renowned for structural integrity, purposeful design and our company’s commitment to a sustainable environment our product range can be seen across both Government Departments and the private sector. Designed, engineered and manufactured by CSM, each system offers flexibility and customisation for the unique approach of each cultural and art collection.

CSM’s customisable art storage solutions offer ultimate flexibility for your individual art storage requirements.

We are proud of our diverse range of projects from public, commercial and private galleries. These include Art studios, Exhibition facilities, Workshop studios, solution for curators and collectors designing exhibition spaces to securely protect fine art whilst optimising storage space.

Whether your collection is a mixture of art and irregular shaped or heavy artefacts; canvas, sculptures, fine art, prints or photography – we design products for all applications. CSM Art racks are modular and come in a variety of popular heights, depths and widths. Our Art racks can also be easiely added to with convenient sized modules and relocated or reconfigured.

Art Racks

CSM Freestanding Art Racks are ideal where high access is required to the art works being stored.

The modular sliding art rack system permits not only storage of paintings, but ensures complete and free access. The double sided panels maximises hanging surfaces and provides ventilation.

Protection and elimination of damage to art works is paramount. The CSM Art Rack System comprises dual mesh panels on framing with 40mm of clear space. Art works are thus separated “back to back” with no obstruction.

All our products are hand finished, welded for strength, and our state of-the-art machinery means manufacturing to high specifications quickly without sacrificing on standards. What’s more, we’re ISO 9001, ISO14001 and GECA Level A certified so you can trust that no compromises have been made, either for quality or for the environment. Ours is a minimal waste and non-toxic chemical plant and all CSM products are 100% recyclable.

Till Storage & Extra Wide Map and Art Cabinets

The Vertical Till storage lends itself to framed works in large scale as well as odd and tight spaces.

Our extra wide Art & Map cabinets are ideal for both professional Large Galleries and for Collections in smaller Galleries & Studios as well as student artworks.

For more information about CSM’s customisable solutions, please contact us. 

For more information on CSM projects and products contact us

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