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Connection, collaboration and conversation - College of Law

The College of Law is a provider of innovative, practice-focused and flexible legal education enhancing the careers of legal professionals across Australasia. After more than 50 years, the College made the decision to move its St Leonards campus and other hubs to a centralised headquarters in the heart of Sydney’s CBD.

Led by the talented team at WMK Architecture in collaboration with Buildcorp this significant transition was driven by the world-class training provider asking one pivotal question, what will our places of work and study look like in 2025 and beyond?

As the world propelled forward in terms of remote and digital working over the last few years, the way we connect, learn and practice has completely transformed. And our physical spaces need to transform along with it.

“We are making a definitive statement; to reaffirm the College as a vital meeting place – where busy professionals engage, learn and collaborate,” Neville Carter, CEO, explains.

“We don’t see the space in terms of lecture halls and people sitting at desks all day. Instead, the facilities will be full of interactive spaces. We see the idea of ‘hotelling’ around spaces, and of people coming and going in a more fluid way.

We see people accessing our facilities whenever they wish to. It will be a place where people come.”

Drawing on these ideas, WMK’s design philosophy was centred around positioning the new campus as ‘The Incubator’ – a place that nurtures meaningful professional relationships while encouraging valuable collaborative experiences.

The Incubator allows students and professionals to connect, learn, experiment, and collaborate.
To help bring The Incubator to life and facilitate and environment that adapts to various workstyles CSM’s latest Work Aisle collection was integrated into the design, finished in white powder coat and oak laminate.

Supporting the design vision of literally breaking down the walls between the student and the professional team, Work Aisles Duos featuring an elegant, elevated leg are located off the primary circulation path, to help organise the space whilst creating zones for shared, work, collaborative and amenities – providing both function and flexibility whilst supporting the design principal of erasing the student-staff separation and deepening relationships at every turn.

For over 30 years we have been providing lockers and storage solutions for a diverse range of government departments, education, and workplace environments.

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