Illawarra School Project - 02

Illawarra School Project - 02

Located on the Illawarra Coast south of Sydney, this Public School’s Principal who had previously worked with the CSM team at another School, engaged CSM directly to assist with their admin and library storage requirements.

The brief was to provide storage with a multifunction capacity for both the admin area, with very restricted space and height requirements and the school library that also provides flexibility over the changing needs of time.

CSM was able to supply the Public School with a complete High Density Storage solution, locally manufacturing a Rolling Storage, Manual Unit to the admin area. This special unit was designed and manufactured to a bespoke height and width to accommodate the school’s space restrictions.

The CSM Rolling Storage unit successfully provides the various requirements of the admin team, from quick access stationery supplies to school uniforms and delicate items which must be protected and stored on hangers.

The School library was storing Student Artworks in Raeco PVC hanging bags on multiple racked in hallways and nooks all on bent coat hangers in shelving. This not only was unsightly, but it also hampered hallway access and the incorrect usage of coat hangers could damage the items.

An added twist is that the Rolling Storage was also going into a “demountable building”. To spread the load the unit needed CSM engineered its own self supporting structural floor.

Due to the weight of the contents, the Rolling Storage unit supplied for the Library also included a Mechanical Assisted Unit.

Engineered to provide effortless operation, the CSM Mechanically Assisted Self Based Rolling Storage system was install to provide a neat and occupationally safe solution and includes a separate welded hanging rail to provide the essential hanging space below and storage of large items above such as Student readers stored in lightweight small tubs and easily transported to class as required.

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