Rolling Storage

Rolling Storage

CSM’s High-Density Conservation storage units are custom manufactured for your individual collection requirements.

Manufactured by CSM in Australia, these heavy-duty Rolling Storage, single and double-sided and are customised for each unique collection and site space.

Our design team work with you to ensure frictionless access to valuable collections is highly considered in the solution.

The versatile system is complimentary to CSM’s Mobile Roll-out Art Racks and can be customised with till cabinets to house precious artworks or tailored for any conservation collection.

Rolling Storage systems are ideal where space is limited and/or where a collection is a mixture of Art and irregular shaped or heavy artefacts.

  • Australian designed, engineered and manufactured
  • Units are fully modular and can be easily relocated and extended
  • Wide range of Standard sizes – Custom sizes available for individual applications
  • Integrated Anti-Tilt with fail safe aluminium (not PVC) safety mechanism
  • Construction from 1.0mm Zinc Coated high strength steel. Mobile Carriages are fully welded 2.5mm (min) Zinc Steel
  • The Track is Steel Bar engineered for heavy duty long term use.
  • Integrated Anti-Tilt with fail safe aluminium (not PVC) safety mechanism
  • Rolled post construction for strength and not restricted access
  • Back panels cover conceal exposed fittings for streamline aesthetics
  • Distributes loads evenly
  • Master Key System
  • Additional locks and CSM storage Pods may be incorporated to provide individual security requirements for delicate items.
  • Decorative end dress panels cover the entry side to provide an aesthetically pleasing and contemporary feel. A decorative end cover panel to the wall side is optional and normally specified where aisle access is required from both sides
  • Standard Decorative end panels are made of powder coated steel in a choice over 200 colours

Standard Dimensions

Bay Height Bay Width Bay Depth
2000mm 750mm 300mm
2200mm 900mm 425mm
2390mm 1050mm 460mm
1200mm 605mm

Add 170mm for overall system height (including track and structural floor)

Mechanical Assist: Add 215mm for overall system width inc Comfor-Drive Wheel

Overall Unit Lengths:

No maximum Length .

Maximum Width approx. 6000 (over 6000mm recommend Electronic)

Required min. aisle space is 700mm

Custom dimensions and specifications are available. Contact CSM.
Custom dimensions and specifications are available. Contact CSM.
  • Standard line available in 20 modern and classic colours from the CSM colour range Colour Range
  • Available in 200+ powdercoat finishes from the Dulux and Jotun ranges
  • Internal Shelving, shelves and uprights: Off White

(Some finishes from CSM extensive powder coat range may attract surcharges)

  • DDA Compliant Ramps
  • Level structural floor
  • Ramps are wholly within the unit to prevent a trip hazard, unlike other company systems
  • Integrated  fail-safe Anti-Tilt wheels within the guide channel (NOT PVC) safety mechanism.

Locking Options

  • Standard Lock
  • Barrel Exchange Master Key System
  • Provision for Padlock
  • Touch Pad Operation
  • Electronic Locking intergration to Client/Base Building Security HID and Mifare Cards


  • Shelf heights adjustable in 25mm increments
  • Shelf heights can be customised to suit all conservation items
  • Shelf Thickness: 25mm
  • Shelf Loading:Standard Shelves and Uprights
    909mm wide bay: 100kg maximum per shelf evenly distributed
    1214mm wide bay: 65kg maximum per shelf evenly distributed
  • Heavy Duty Shelves and Uprights
    909mm wide bay: 200kg maximum per shelf evenly distributed
    1214mm wide bay:100kg maximum per shelf evenly distributed
  • Standard Panels
  • Perforations
  • Laminate
  • Timber
  • Mirrored
  • Graphic Prints

Technical Workshop

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