Fixed and High Density Art Racks

Fixed and High Density Art Racks

CSM’s Fixed/ Static and High Density art storage racks are custom manufactured for your individual collection requirements. Manufactured by CSM in Australia, these heavy-duty racks may be wall, floor or Rolling Storage (Compactus) mounted, single and double sided and are customised for each unique collection and site space and access considerations.

The versatile system is complimentary to CSM’s Mobile Roll-out Art Rack and uses the same CSM Safety Hook System and robust construction. Rolling Storage (Compactus) mounted Art Racks are ideal where space is limited and/or where a collection is a mixture of Art and irregular shaped or heavy artefacts.

  • Fully welded frame powdercoated to Australian Standards
  • 50mm x 50mm x 4mm mesh to allow finders through to fasten hooks
  • 40mm spacing between mesh panels to allow air circulation
  • 60kg point load for hooks
  • Fully customisable height, width and depths
  • CSM Fastening Hook System, patent pending, for unsurpassed stability and protection of art exhibits
  • Art frames are mechanically fixed (dynabolt or similar as appropriate) to floor wall for security
  • Capable of using all common hooks and clips
  • Designed, engineered and manufactured by CSM in Australia
  • Height and width fully customised to client specifications
  • Steel Construction
  • Fully welded frame
  • Powdercoat finish
Custom dimensions and specifications are available. Contact CSM.


Charcoal or Dark Grey


CSM’s Colour Pallet of 20 Contemporary Colours

Dulux and Jotun Colour Chart of over 200 colours

Additional costs and servicing restrictions may apply on optional colours

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