Staff Lockers

Staff Lockers

CSM Staff Lockers

Functional and durable, CSM Staff Lockers are designed to perform in the harshest environments. They are suited to all types of back-of-house commercial, industrial, retail and office settings, as well as schools and universities, sporting grounds and stadiums, construction and trade depots, workshops and more.

Their steel and rivet construction and powder-coat finish guarantee a long life. With vast internal space, with hanging rail and in-built plinth, there is plenty of room to store large bags, tools and equipment. As standard, they come with ventilation holes in the doors and two locking options – keylock or padlock.

CSM Staff Lockers can be customised to suit your unique needs through the addition of extra shelves and hanging rails, alpha-numeric labelling and identification plates.

CSM Staff Lockers represent outstanding value. They will ensure your back-of-house area is organised and will help you to maximise your available space – potentially allowing you to store up to 50% more items in the same available space.

Australian made by CSM, they are guaranteed and deliver the peace-of-mind that comes with knowing all items are stored safely and securely.

  • Robust by design – constructed from top quality steel, with riveted internals to ensure long-term durability. Ideal for value driven back of house applications.
  • Generous standard inclusions – lockers come fitted as standard with an in-built plinth, one coat rail (left to right) for 1 and 2 door lockers and ventilation holes in doors.
  • Adaptable – lockers can be supplied in banks of 1, 2 and 3.
  • Modular design – configure the lockers to suit your setting. Add or remove lockers over time in line with changing needs, without the need for a total redesign or replacement.
  • Locking – Standard Key Locking with the option of padlock on all sizes. The Single Door Locker incorporates a flush handle and lock with secure 3 Point Locking.
  • Recyclable – all component parts, including the lock, are labelled under CE Code requirements for recycling.
  • Free from chemicals – no chemicals are used during manufacturing, and no metals are chemically pre-treated.
  • Australian designed and engineered – designed and engineered in Australia by CSM, to perfectly suit Australian workplace needs and conditions.
  • Highest Green Star rating – both CSM steel and laminate lockers have been certified to the highest-level Green Star points rating in recognition of their environmental friendliness. Both Laminate and Metal lockers to FSC and GECA FFMv3.0-2017 Level A.
  • ISO Certified – CSM is certified to ISO 9001 Quality Assurance and ISO 14001 Environmental Management System, which affirms our commitment to quality products and processes.
  • Eco-light manufacturing – we consider the environment at every stage and act to reuse all packaging material, and to reuse all collected rainwater on gardens and in toilets.
  • Low maintenance – designed for a long life, maintenance requirements are low and can be undertaken without the need to deconstruct or disassemble locker modules.
  • Quality guarantee – manufactured and designed by CSM, every locker comes with our quality guarantee and assurance of a long and useful life.
Doors Shape Door Height Widths Depth Overall Height
1 Rectangular 1630 300 450 1800
2 Rectangular 800 380
3 Rectangular 530
4 Rectangular 390

Prefabricated in Banks of 1, 2 or 3 lockers
Optional Sloping top options (Add additional 125mm to height at rear)

Police Briefing Locker Shape Door Height Widths Depth Overall Height
4 Doors
with mail slot
Rectangular 365 420 500 1680
Custom dimensions and specifications are available. Contact CSM.
  • Individual doors can be different colours.
  • Additional shelves
  • Customised alpha/numeric labelling
  • Aluminium locker identification plates
  • Coat rails
  • Sloping tops to prevent bags and rubbish being placed on top of lockers
  • * Single door
    • 1 fixed shelf . 1 aluminium oval Coat Rail in each compartment
    • 3 point security locking with Flush Metal handle and key lock
  • * Two Door
    • 1 aluminium oval Coat Rail in each compartment
    • 1 card holder on each door
  • Each Locker : 1 Card Holder on each door
  • Riveted constuction in high strength 0.7 steel
  • Standard widths 300 and 380mm wide
  • Ex-factory assembled in banks 1, 2 and 3 wide ie 300mm, 600mm and 900mm wide.
  • Ventilation holes in doors
  • Door within the frame style.
  • Heavy duty Hirline hinges
  • Key and Cam
  • Combination Cam lock with Fingerpull handle
  • Flush handle Cam lock for Padlock
  • Electonic Combination locks

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