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FLIPPER DOOR CABINETS: An elegant, high capacity versatile storage range designed for the agile workplace

As the workplace trend for flexible and agile environments continues, the consideration for storage needs and records provisions also needs to adapt to these new working models. These new agile agendas are the main drivers for companies to re-assess their storage needs.

CSM has vast experience in helping companies find storage solutions to meet the new challenges of agile and flexible working environments.  Working closely with organisations to understand their requirements, providing specialised auditing services and implementing storage solutions that will support new ways of working.

CSM Storage Solutions - Flipper Cabinets

An increasing need to reduce space and property costs has also seen the emergence of new storage standards, with companies now allocating on average 1 linear metre per person in order to cater to these new austere drivers.  Workplace audits however continue to reveal “non paper”, equipment and personalised storage requirements.

New technology is also changing the way storage requirements are assessed, as different storage opportunities are provided through scanning and online digital media resulting in an increasing shift towards paperless offices. However the reality is that many companies still keep records in paper format, not only for back up and ease of use but also to meet legal and regulatory requirements.

CSM Storage Solutions - Lockers


CSM has a developed an extensive range of quality Australian made storage that can be customised to fit organisations ever-growing requirements for space saving solutions.

One of our products that has been extremely successful in resolving some of the challenges organisations face in the change over to an agile workspace is the CSM Flipper Door Cabinet range. This cabinet range responds perfectly to the new 1 linear meter per employee standard allocation as the individual lockable shelf equates to 1 lineal metre, and also gives employees the ability to secure their documents as each shelf locks individually.

CSM Storage Solutions - Flipper Planer Box

Flipper Door Cabinets are highly adaptable and ideal for organisations seeking high-density storage that allows for flexibility in purpose, catering to both administrative archival and personal storage purposes. The Flipper Door range offers two options of door heights for lateral or lever arch filing.

Each door opens individually, enabling secure but flexible file access. In addition the Flipper Door Cabinet range offers high security with a two point locking system on every door and all doors fully retract to give the impression of an open face bookshelf.  Flipper cabinets can have individual door lock to suit single users or allocated for team storage.

CSM Office Storage Solutions - Flipper Door Cabinet


The Flipper Door Cabinets can be customised with an extensive choice of powder-coated colours, door perforations as well as the addition of CSM Flipper Door Cabinet Planter Boxes to match. This is an elegant, high capacity versatile storage range.

CSM Office - Storage Solutions - Flipper Door Cabinet

CSM Office - Sustainable Storage Solutions - Flipper Door Cabinet


CSM has an established successful method to assess what a businesses’ storage needs are and can accompany an organisation in planning for a long term sustainable future.

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