On any given day, two billion people use Unilever products to look good, feel good and get more out of life. ODCM and Built were given the task of creating a new office space for Unilever, a company that is such a familiar part of many Australians’ daily routines.

Unilever’s deeply established company values of being committed to continuously improving the way they do business needed to be reflected in their new office fit out through quality, sustainable design.

By listening to their clients and responding to their needs, ODCM employed CSM with the task to provide quality storage solutions for this ABW workspace. CSM provided customised lockers with mail slots and numbering, and Unilever’s graphic prints fastened to the doors in random placements. Flipper Door Cabinets with perforated, individual locking doors were also supplied along with matching planter boxes. All products were locally designed, engineered and manufactured in Sydney, and were provided in Dulux powder-coat off white.

“For the majority of the business, Unilever was taking the leap from fixed allocated seating to Agile working. All staff have an allocated personal locker located near key entries or exits or close to their neighbourhood. Additional free lockers are available for visitors, future growth or to address flux in new starting staff numbers. CSM manufactured and installed all these personal lockers over both sites to our custom design.

For broader storage requirements, we worked with the departments to review and audit existing storage. As a standard, all staff were allowed 1 lineal metre of storage within their neighbourhood in CSM static metal flipper door cabinets. Those departments that had a valid additional storage requirement were provided with additional storage in either rolling storage or static storage as appropriate. Additional storage requests were heavily monitored by the internal Unilever project team to avoid unnecessary “storage creep”.

The storage package was competitively tendered and CSM was able to offer the best outcome in terms of cost for quality against the brief. Having worked previously with CSM to deliver custom lockers for Adobe we knew CSM were able to deliver to the quality required and within the tight timeframes. CSM’s delivery and installation teams were particularly impressive, accommodating some last minute client changes with professionalism and ease. CSM also worked directly with Unilever’s Procurement team to answer and address any queries in a timely manner. This ultimately resulted in Procurement agreeing to award the contract to CSM.”

Kiri Johnson, Director Design andamp; Strategy, ODCM

Photography by Josh Hill Photography