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CSM - Storage Solutions - NSW Library

The State Library of NSW located on the corner of Macquarie Street and Shakespeare Place, is the oldest library in Australia. It is a unique cultural institution and contains a comprehensive and diverse collection of Australian and international research material including significant collections of rare paintings, manuscripts, art and literature

The safekeeping of artworks whilst in storage or on display is a priority for any art museum, art gallery and historic collection. The recent renovation undertaken at the library included the creation of a new designated storage basement. This provided an excellent opportunity to improve the level of safety and conservation of the collection. 

CSM were selected through a competitive tendering process by the State Library of NSW to design and manufacture customised art racks for the Library’s collection storage.

CSM - Storage Solutions - Customised Art Racks

The CSM Art Rack System designed for the State Library is comprised of dual mesh panels on framing with 40mm of clear space. Art works are thus separated back to back with no obstruction and artworks may be suspended in safety without contact with each other.  All components are powder coated giving a hard wearing and conservation inert grade finish. 

The roll-out panels are extremely versatile and allow storage of all forms and sizes of paintings, maps, posters, street signs, prints, drawings and fabrics. In addition, CSM Art Racks may also store any cultural artefact such as narrow irregular shaped or long items including and not limited to spears, bark paintings, clothing and stamp cases. The panels are equipped with heavy-duty load bearing wheels with polyurethane tyres, which provide smooth operation to eliminate vibration further protecting delicate artworks and exhibits.

CSM Office - Storage Solutions - Customised Art Racks

The anti-tip overhead guides ensure trouble-free, safe and smooth movement of each panel. In addition, the CSM safety hook system provides fail-safe fastening so artworks cannot be accidentally dislodged during operation as protection and elimination of damage to artworks is paramount. This system can also provide locking and screening of individual panels. This can provide security and limited access, where required, for fragile, sensitive and valuable artworks 

With a smooth and easy hand-controlled operation, the system moves with ease providing full access to all materials enabling the simultaneous display and storage of collections.  It is designed to optimise space reduction as well as improve ease of use for employees. This is a practical, safe and highly cost-effective system with the advantage of extra visibility and accessibility.

CSM Storage Solutions - Sydney - Customised Art Racks

The CSM system is modular and can evolve with growing and changing requirements, with easy integration of additional units and allowing for future expansion and easy relocation.

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