CSM Recycling Station

CSM Recycling Station

Support your business sustainability and create an eco-friendly business culture through integrating CSM’s Recycling Station into your Workbarz mix.

This touchless recycling unit is available in both a standalone and below-work-surface configuration.

Two stainless steel circular cutouts in the CSM Recycling Station allow for touchless disposal of general and recyclable waste. Available in a range of customisable cabinet and lockable options with the additional choice of adding castor wheels for a mobile unit, CSM Recycling Station delivers a more convenient, more hygienic and a more waste-conscious solution for the contemporary green-friendly workplace.

Ideal for:

  • Integration with CSM agile Workbarz 
  • Frequent relocation, churn, reconfiguration and upscaling
  • High traffic use

CSM Recycling Stations are constructed from high-strength 1mm steel and engineered for durable performance. Bespoke solutions are available for clients wanting a tailored and refined workplace environment.

Guaranteed to perform, CSM Recycling Stations are designed and manufactured in Australia by CSM.

  • Freestanding Design:  No onsite installation required. Streamlined relocation, churn, reconfiguration and up-scaling.
  • Modular: Dimensions are identical to a range of CSM lines, including CSM Standard Infinity Cabinet, Lockers and Workbarz. Achieve interchangeability and integration within the office, and save on redesign and replacement.
  • Hygiene-conscious design:  General waste and recycling chutes carry a stainless steel finish flush with benchtops. Meanwhile, a lockable internal recycling station allows for removal and secure management of bin cavities.
  • Robust construction: Manufactured from quality high-strength steel to ensure a long life, with smooth interiors to protect valuable contents. Engineered to withstand frequent and harsh treatment, powdercoated in chip- and scratch-resistant finish.
  • Flexible door options:  Doors and all external panels and surrounds available in standard steel panels and chip-resistant powdercoat finish with an extensive selection of perforation shapes and patterns for custom results.
  • Doors and external panels may be specified in timber or laminate finishes, recycled and composite materials.
  • Contemporary powdercoat colours: Standard line available in CSM’s contemporary palette of 20 modern and classic colours. Custom options available in 200+ powdercoat colours from Dulux and Jotun ranges.
  • Door perforations and patterns: Individual doors can be customised with a range of different architectural perforations and patterns
  • Locking flexibility: Locking systems can be matched precisely to your business and team needs. Including: traditional keying (including master keying), CSM/WEQA proprietary smart locking, pin code, mechanical locking, digital battery keypad, access card, battery operation, electronic locking, HID and Mifare cards, membership systems, hardwired, Wi-Fi and biometric locking.
  • Modular and reconfigurable design: Flexible design of CSM Recycling Credenzas allows for constant and simple configuration to suit changing needs and over time without need of replacement or redesign.
  • Easy disassembly: In line with the CSM Product Stewardship and Takeback Program, all CSM Recycling Credenzas have been manufactured for disassembly.
  • Reusable and fully upscalable: The entire CSM Recycling Credenzas range can be refinished, refurbished and reused at end of useful life. Lockers can be resprayed and reused, and upscaled for use elsewhere in your business or another business setting. CSM expertly assesses each locker ahead of reconditioning and can store units before returning them to new or current sites.
  • Effortless maintenance: All integrated cabling and components are easily accessible, making routine maintenance quick and easy. No deconstruction required.
  • Recyclable: All component parts, including the lock, are recognised under CE Code requirements for recycling.
  • Free from chemicals: No chemicals are used during manufacturing, and no metals are chemically pretreated.
  • Australian designed and engineered: Suited to Australian workplace needs, cultures and conditions.
  • Highest Green Star rating: Both CSM steel and laminate lockers have been certified to the highest-level Green Star points rating in recognition of their environmental friendliness. Both Laminate and Metal lockers to FSC and GECA FFMv3.0-2017 Level A.
  • ISO certified: CSM is certified to ISO 9001 Quality Assurance and ISO 14001 Environmental Management System, affirming our commitment to quality products and processes.
  • Eco-light manufacturing: CSM’s environmental commitments are seen at every stage of a product’s manufacture and lifecycle. We proactively reuse all packaging material, and re-channel all collected rainwater on gardens and in toilets.


Product Code

Width (W)

Depth (D)

Door Height (DH)

Feet Height (FH)

Overall Height (OH)

2 Doors


900 W

450 D

1025 DH

15 FH

1080 OH

4 Doors


1800 W

450 D

1025 DH

15 FH

1080 OH

Custom dimensions and specifications are available. Contact CSM.
  • Customised waste labelling
  • Aluminium identification plates
  • Doors can be fitted with acoustic-rated sound absorbing material to minimise noise in the workspace
  • Master Key Available
  • Standard Key Locking
  • Master Key Available

Technical Workshop

Recycling Station Spec Sheet download