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One of CSM's Founding Directors Still Working at Age 97

Clive Letton, one of CSM’s founding directors and current shareholder, was recently featured on channel 9 News as one of Australia’s oldest workers at age 97. Mr Letton opened his other business, Ryder and Bell, almost 70 years ago, and still goes to work every day. The company makes tools, letter boxes, fishing gear and is the only manufacturer of whistles in Australia. While most people retire between the ages of 60 and 70, Mr Letton says he has no plans to quit his job any time soon. “Never, never,” he said. “What for? I still got two hands, I can still move around.” Mr Letton’s son, one of CSM’s two current directors Peter, says his father has had his fair share of health problems, but still wants to keep working. “He’s had a heart attack, he’s had prostate cancer, he’s had a couple of strokes,” he said. Mr Letton also suffers from macular degeneration which results in a gradual loss of vision. Despite his health set-backs Mr Letton works hard and apparently, he’s a tough boss. Peter says he was fired by Mr Letton more than six times while working for him during his time at university. Mr Letton plans to keep working for as long as he’s able.

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