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Locking Down Design for the Future

From nutritionally balanced foods to indulgent ice creams, beauty products and household care items, Unilever’s portfolio is diverse. For this global company, it was critical to create a space where innovation and creativity could thrive, yet local products and brands would still be at the fore. Part of the redesign involved Unilever’s shift from fixed allocated seating to an agile working environment. Allocated personal CSM lockers were designed to provide staff with personal storage within their neighbourhoods. Additional free lockers have also been provided for visitor use, future growth and new staff. For broader storage requirements, ODCM reviewed and audited the existing storage. All staff are provided with the global standard of 1 lineal metre of storage, with CSM static metal flipper door cabinets and flipper planter boxes provided to accommodate this design. Additional storage was provided in either rolling storage or static storage in dedicated store rooms. Kiri Johnson, ODCM’s Director of Design and Strategy says, “CSM was able to offer the best outcome in terms of cost for quality against the brief. We knew CSM were able to deliver to the quality required and within the tight timeframes. CSM’s delivery and installation teams were particularly impressive, accommodating some last minute client changes with professionalism and ease. CSM also worked directly with Unilever’s Procurement team to answer and address any queries in a timely manner.” Click here to view the full newsletter, or to see the project and products featured on Photography by Josh Hill Photography CSM Office Storage Solutions - Personal Storage - Lockers CSM Office Furniture Solutions - Infinity Planter Boxes

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