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The rising surge of bike commuting, along with companies now actively promoting healthier lifestyles among their workforce has created an ever increasing demand for End Of Trip facilities. Coupled with a competitive property market determined to win top tier tenants, providing high end facilities has become a major player in the basements of buildings across the country.

The recently refurbished facilities of the iconic MLC Centre in Sydney by joint owners The GPT Group and QIC are sophisticated in design and offer a premium End Of Trip experience for their tenants. Delivering the design was Gray Puksand who teamed with BUILT for Construction, completing a state of the art facility. CSM chats to Partner Craig Saltmarsh of Gray Puksand about End of Trip facility innovations and their vision for this project.

CSM Office Furniture Solutions - Gray Puksand

CSM Office Furniture Solutions - Gray Puksand - Lockers

Gray Puksand is renowned for cutting edge and visionary design that emerges from contemporary social and technological evolutions. What was Gray Puksand’s vision for the MLC Centre End Of Trip facility and what innovations were factored into the design?

We envisioned a contemporary and luxurious End Of Trip (EOT) facility at the iconic MLC Centre where the modern day workforce could unwind, refresh and prepare.
Akin to a high end health club or indulgent hotel, the MLC Centre Executive Quarters is a spacious facility with good circulation and generous ceiling heights. To help soothe tenants’ transition before and after work, we applied ambient lighting and an earthy and textured materials palette with pops of leafy greens and geometric patterns. The facility also has a range of leading EOT features including bike repair equipment and complimentary towel service.

Easy access was a key consideration for this project. Encouraging tenants to find the time for physical activity in their busy schedule, a new lift was installed to provide direct access to Martin Place and the retail food court, and bicycle access is provided through the carpark via King Street.
Given the increasing demand for EOT facilities, we also designed the Executive Quarters to allow for future expansion should it be required.

CSM Office Storage Solutions - Gray Puksand

The MLC Centre’s End of Trip facilities are currently one of the largest in Sydney. With a project of this scale, what were the main factors of consideration when allocating personal storage?

Working with consultants PFL Spaces, we assessed the MLC Centre’s total floor area and population to determine recommended ratios. The facility slightly exceeds these recommendations with 318 lockers, 193 bike racks and 27 showers. Personal lockers are provided in both the male & female amenities, as well as a series of lockers in common areas for convenience

CSM Office Storage Solutions - Gray Puksand - Lockers

The GPT Group are renowned for their Green Star expertise and industry leadership. Being Green Star-certified has become a symbol of GPT Group’s approach to business. How were these brand values considered in the design approach to their End Of Trip facilities?

Our design approach and the facility’s promotion health and wellbeing to the building occupants are both well aligned with GPT Group’s objectives. Whilst the MLC Centre Executive Quarters is yet to be Green Star certified, the facility capacities together with energy and water saving initiatives, equate to providing Green Star level of compliance.

CSM Office Storage Solutions - Lockers

How did CSM s products and service align to your customisation requirements for this project?

CSM supplied box lockers containing all relevant accessories, integrated ironing stations and overhead panels. These products met the contemporary and luxurious brief, and both Gray Puksand and joint owners The GPT Group and QIC are very happy with the end result.

CSM Office Storage Solutions - MLC Centre - Lockers Sydney

CSM Office Storage Solutions - MLC Centre - Sydney

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