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Complete Customisation for Pacific Brands

Originally based in a large Wentworthville warehouse, Pacific Brands Underwear Group (PBUG) were relocating to Burwood. However, having been based at the same site for over 100 years, it was critical that any new space retained strong links to the PBUG history.

The design plan focused on referencing PBUG’s former warehouse base, with an exposed ceiling and polished concrete providing an industrial feel.

The office floor provides endless storage options for samples and fabrics, with peg boards, retail racking, docking stations and a seamstress storage facility all custom-made and cut to PBUG’s specifications.

The requirements for all the brands included not only large amounts of hanging space, but also storage of smaller items such as fabric swatches, buttons and an array of elastics in numerous colours and sizes. 

“CSM provided us with products that allowed for complete customisation and enabled us to offer our client products that were not only flexible to their ever changing storage requirements but also incredibly durable. The team at CSM were great to work with, and both Valmont and PBUG were more than happy with all the finished products.”

Mardi Christian
Interior Designer, Valmont

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CSM Office Storage Sydney - PBUG

CSM Office Storage Sydney - PBUG - Rolling Storage

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