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As seen on Infinity Tambour Cabinet From CSM

Offering a uniquely flexible suite of office storage solutions, CSM’s Tambour Door Cabinet is a part of the Infinity Collection which is facilitating the evolution of ever more intelligent and responsive workplaces. It’s no secret that the way people are working is changing.

Whether it’s a traditional style workplace, or an agile, dynamic, activity or alternate based environment, the key is flexibility and adaptability.

As workplace design evolution supports the “design of work” revolution, the way we think about traditional storage cabinets must too be transformed.

Australian designed and manufactured, the CSM Infinity collection welcomes the evolution and facilitates flexibility.

The collection features an infinite range of filing and storage options that support WHS requirements, including tambour doors with no protrusion when open and easy slide mechanisms, along with a robust and fully internal welded construction vital for increased longevity.

Available in an endless range of colours and with Polypropylene, PVC or Aluminium door options, Infinity is also supported by a myriad of accessories suitable for any “active” environment, such as the Oxy Planter Box that can be easily retrofitted and sits neatly on top of the units minimising any interference with locking mechanisms.

With the ability to adapt over time, the Infinity range supports an open-plan philosophy while enabling flexibility, diversity and choice.

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