Parliament House Library

Parliament House Library

“CSM were engaged by Parliament House to provide approximately 900 bays of Electronic Rolling Storage. CSM in consultation with the Architect and Parliament House provided a very unique Australian designed and engineered solution to house the Parliament House Library collection including Historic Artworks.

CSM have provided Project Management throughout each phase of the project. They have met all construction/project milestones and have shown adaptability to the changing requirements of this very complex project.”

Robert Babiak, Project Officer, Department of Parliamentary Services

CSM’s largest Electronic Rolling Storage project to date, supplying Parliament House Library with a full floor of customised storage solutions for the library’s book store.

Parliament House Library’s former Mobile Shelving Units were outdated and hard to use, and were facing a lack of storage for their ever growing fascinating historical book collections.

CSM’s solution to these problems were to custom design, engineer and manufacture Electronic Rolling Storage units to fit the varying ceiling heights of the library’s book store, located beneath Sydney’s Parliament House. This task was made more challenging by wires and pipes along the ceiling, which CSM engineered the units to fit and move seamlessly around. This meant that the one Mobile Shelving Unit could be numerous different heights, including the tallest units CSM has ever manufactured, maximising space efficiency to the fullest.

Electronic units were supplied by CSM to provide ease of use when moving the large scale shelving. The Electronic units also ensure user safety, with advanced safety protection features including optical sensors and resistance monitoring – eliminating the risk of being caught in the unit and demonstrating superior ergonomics.

As this project was so large and located in a restricting space, the installation was divided into three stages. This was overseen by CSM’s experienced Project Management team, and completed on time by CSM installers.

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