The Amalgamated Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT) is a new one-stop shop for the independent review of administrative decisions made by Australian Government ministers, departments and agencies.

The AAT is comprised of the merging of four separate tribunals; namely the Migration Review Tribunal (MRT), Refugee Review Tribunal (RRT) and Social Security Appeals Tribunal (SSAT) merged with the Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT). This merger required the relocation and amalgamation of three separate sites into one space.

These four departments have now been consolidated and relocated to 83 Clarence Street Sydney. The new offices designed by IA Design (formerly IA Group) and constructed by BUILTspan 9,000m2 total floor area over nine floors, and include three public floors of reception areas, amenities and hearing rooms.

A strong focus of the design was to specify Australian designed and made products in order to support and promote the industry. IA group specified CSM to provide storage for the project, as all CSM products are locally manufactured using only quality Australian Steel fitting the brief requirements.

CSM completed a high-density storage assessment, factoring in the unique requirements of the AAT’s new accommodation strategy and provided solutions to facilitate and ease the transition for the tribunal. Key considerations were paper reduction and the need for high-density document storage. Self based mechanically assisted rolling storage proved to be a solution that satisfied the AAT’s storage needs.

Products used in this project