The Kinghorn Cancer Centre is a joint facility of St Vincent’s hospital and Garvan Institute of Medical research, located at 370 Victoria Street, Darlinghurst.

Designed by BVN Donovan Hill the Kinghorn Cancer Centre is a world-class facility, bringing together researchers and clinicians onto a single site, the centre aims to develop new diagnostics and therapeutics informed by advances in microbiology, in partnership with the delivery of personalized medicine and holistic health care.

One of the key design aspirations of architects BVN Donovan Hill was to encourage physical and intellectual interaction between research and clinical staff, and most importantly, between the staff and patients. This was achieved by enabling distinct realms of research and clinical care to coexist by clustering and separating activities through vertical stacking.

The specialised research facilities and administration spaces occupy the higher levels of the centre and are linked back to the clinics through the spatial continuity of the atrium.

CSM was specified to provide storage solutions to meet the high-density archival storage requirements of the administrative spaces. Self based Rolling Storage was designed and manufactured for this purpose and customised to integrate ramp access to eliminate trip hazards and comply with OHS standards.

Products used in this project