The Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) relocated their Sydney headquarters to Elizabeth Street Sydney in order to accommodate the growing needs of the organisation. Established in 1988 by the NSW Government, the ICAC’s principal functions are to investigate and expose corruption in the NSW public sector as well as to actively prevent corruption and educate the NSW community and public sector about corruption and its effects.

Custance was entrusted with the conception of ICAC’s new offices with Schiavello Construction carrying out the building. The design concept by Custance translates the idea of transparency to the built form, referencing ICAC’s central function of “shining light on corruption”. This was echoed in the design of open plan office areas, with the usage of dark and contrasting light throughout the space, sloped walls and layered textures as well as the “street light” being a central motif throughout the office. The project was shortlisted for the 2015 Interior Design Excellence Award.

The fitout also included a secure records room and garage in the basement. The nature of the organisations work requires a high-security space, and necessitates special consideration for Secure Storage of sensitive documents. Custance engaged CSM to provide a product mix that would meet the unique storage requirements for ICAC. A variety of products were supplied and integrated into Custances design.

Fixed Track Rolling shelves, Systems Shelving and Long span shelving were supplied to meet ICAC’s need for high density secure storage of documents. CSM’s Evolution cabinets and Planter boxes were also used in the administrative spaces as well as Infinity Tambours, and pop peds to provide personal storage for personnel.