Forensic Pathology & Coroners Court

Forensic Pathology & Coroners Court

Delivered by NSW Health with the Department of Justice, this state-of-the-art complex is the largest coroner’s court and forensic medicine facility in Australia. The complex’s advanced technologies, increased capacity and new ways of working will help forensic medicine, coronial staff and police solve complex coronial investigations.

Filled with natural light, the three-story building creates a sensitive, calm environment for people dealing with unexpected loss. Specially designed examination and viewing facilities, tranquil courtyards and artwork provide a dignified setting for the bereaved.

CSM designed, manufactured and installed a diverse array of product on this project from custom designed Rolling Storage in the mortuary / specimens store to purpose built Pathology Slide Cabinets, office and change room lockers to standard office cabinets, planter boxes and custom shelving.

Unique Features:

Specimen Store Rolling Storage special features:

  • Storage of body tissue and organ specimens for forensic health.
  • Specimen store in a formalin solution.


Design Solution

  • Return lips on both front and rear of shelves to prevent glass jars “walking” or receiving disturbance during operation.
  • Due to the possible adverse effects of formalin spillage, all steel is zinc coated and all metal surfaces powder coated.
  • Tracks 20mm thick bright mild steel.
  • Backless design feature for improved ventilation.
  • Floor – grated floor for “wash-out” and tracks designed for prevention of fluid/water/formalin ponding in guide rails and anti-tilt mechanism.
  • Track installed on raised concrete hobs with grated infill floor above drained and contained.


Pathology and Registrar

  • 54 custom designed tambour door cabinets with internal shelf dividers for storage of Pathology slides, case notes and court materials.
  • Custom designed “day record” filing.


Other Product

  • CSM supplied Rolling Storage units with a total of 157 bays – 1,070 lineal metres of storage capacity.
  • All rolling storage units feature CSM’s mechanically assisted wheel drive and positive chain drive system.
  • Specimen storage units on raised track with grated infill floor.
  • Registry Units built in false floor and DDA Compliant ramp, carpeted to suit office area.
  • 20 standard CSM Infinity Lateral Filing Cabinet.
  • 20 CSM Planter Boxes with drip proof trays.
  • Custom CSM Systems Office Shelving.
  • CSM Kache Office Lockers for pathology and management staff.
  • CSM “End of Trip” change room lockers for mortuary and clinical staff.