As a world leader in mobile workspaces, Citrix’s Australian head office relocation to Macquarie Park needed to reflect the company’s philosophy to work better and live better.

Citrix measure the value of technology by how it benefits people in achieving what they need to, and understand that work in this era is something you do anywhere inspiration strikes. Citrix, with the help of Hassell, undertook extensive staff surveying to decipher what their workers wanted in a new office, in an effort to increase employee satisfaction, productivity and efficiency.

This welcomed way of thinking was incorporated into their new ABW style offices by installing complete wireless technology, providing the ability for their staff to work seamlessly anywhere at anytime, whether it be at a workstation, in boardrooms, quiet rooms, break out collaboration areas or in the cafeteria.

The storage requirements at Citrix needed to accommodate the needs of this type of ABW style office. As these workplaces typically strive to reduce paper usage, a small amount of file storage was provided over 2 floors in their sales and marketing departments in the form of Infinity Hinge door cabinets with door perforations, locally manufactured in stylish Dulux Powder Coat colour Heritage Red.

Hinge door cabinets were also supplied in tall heights in white for team and personal storage. These cabinets were individually lockable to offer piece of mind to staff that their belongings

would be kept secure. Personal storage was also provided with zag lockers, located near the end of trip facilities section of the workplace.

For departments needing additional file storage, CSM manufactured a mechanically assisted Self Based Rolling Storage Unit. This classic black unit was fitted into an alcove, and was provided as a future proof storage option for the workplace.

Through innovation, commitment and a compelling vision of the future of work, Citrix and Hassell have created a beautiful workplace, making a difference that is better for people and better for business.

“We had a variety of requirements to meet as a hybrid activity based working environment. It was important to provide sufficient storage without being excessive. Bulk storage was minimised, and concentration was placed on a small amount of personal storage, team storage in neighbourhoods and centralised storage areas on each floor. 

We are very happy with the results provided by CSM. The solutions have met our requirements and also fit into the overall design of the office.”

Mark Pettitt, Manager, Real Estate andamp; Facilities ANZ, Citrix