Australian Museum

Australian Museum

The Australian Museum Wet Store holds one of the most extensive Wet Store “Spirit” Collections in Australia. The difficulties associated with storing, exhibiting and conserving wet specimens presented unique and varied problem solving opportunities for CSM’s fabrication and engineering teams commissioned to design, manufacture and install over 690 bays of Rolling Storage Compactus shelving.

Specimen security and operation considerations involved purpose-designed front and rear lips on shelves to prevent exhibits from moving or receiving disturbance through compacts use. Joints in the ‘bright bar’ steel tracks were welded by CSM’s installation teams, and were further ground and finished to provide a smooth “bump free” surface for the running wheels.

Given the relative ease by which spillage can occur in storing were collections, ventilation considerations were prioritised. Most units feature a backless design with cross bracing providing rigidity. Surfaces are powder coated for additional protection with robust finish capable of handling spills from glass specimen jars.

In total, CSM supplied four custom rolling storage units, for a total of 692 bays – equating to an impressive 5,800 linear meters of storage capacity.

All mobile units CSM’s smooth mechanical assembled ergonomic wheel and positive drive chain and specialist mechanism.

CSM coordinated with the builder in Sydney to allow recessed tracks achieve a level surface and thus ensure reduced exposure to damage for specimen collections and filing solutions during transport and research.

At CSM, we can provide solutions to your specimens filing systems even you are outside Sydney and in Canberra, Melbourne, Newcastle, Wollongong, Brisbane, or anywhere in Australia.

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