Australian Museum - Mammology

Australian Museum - Mammology

The Australian Museum Mammology Collection provided for unique problem solving by CSM’s engineering and design teams.

The nature of the collection itself – containing specimens which are many and varied in their dimensions, weight, form and organic composition – required CSM to supply a comprehensive storage solution which remained sensitive to staff usage patterns, a compact total storage footprint and advanced conservation, security and protection needs.

Integrating with the Museum’s pre-existing Mammology cabinets was essential to ensuring that CSM’s comprehensive storage solution would house fragile lots in their original  specimen casings without disturbance.

For ongoing maintenance and conservation control, CSM’s Rolling Storage units display vermin holes within each mobile base and carriage – thus enabling staff to undertake both daily and periodic inspections for pests and insect infestations with ease.

Among other design features, CSM’s engineering capabilities come to the fore. Additional IP-rated sealed cabinets with removable doors and 3-point locking accommodate both pre-existing and new trays and drawers, while shelving components in galvanised steel prevents potential contamination from powdercoat scraping during extended use. Integration of special guides and buttons for smooth removal and insertion of trays, shelving and drawers are enhanced by 600kg load bearing – ensuring the Australian Museum’s Mammology Collection can continue to expand for generations to come.

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