Australian Museum - Malacology

Australian Museum - Malacology

CSM is proud to be the preferred supplier of Malacology Cabinets to the Australian Museum which houses one of the nation’s largest, oldest and internationally-renowned malacology (mollusc) collections of the Pacific region.

In collaboration with the Museum, CSM designed, manufactured and installed a range of purpose-built cabinets. Over a 10-year period as the preferred supplier for this institution, more than 300 cabinets have been designed and installed by CSM to house the Museum’s growing collection.

A number of unique features characterise these custom-designed Malacology Cabinets, including:

  • Specification of heavy-duty drawers which are capable of withstanding the weight of stored specimens.
  • High density and special height drawers to maximise total storage space within a compact footprint.
  • Cabinets may also be placed into CSM Rolling Storage for high density storage.
  • Easily removable drawers allow for expedited and safe transport of the exhibits for research and display.
  • The cabinets are also capable of being placed on castors for mobility and to transport exhibits.
  • A specimen-sensitive divider system protects exhibits while also permitting various configurations of shell types, provenances and dimensions.
  • Incorporation of a sliding door encloses and protects the exhibits from dust, potential infestation, water incursion and other sources of damage.

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