Australian Museum - Entomology

Australian Museum - Entomology

CSM designed and manufactured purpose-built Entomology cabinets for one of Australia’s oldest and largest entomological collections at the Australian Museum.

Working with the collection’s pre-existing cabinets, CSM supplied custom Rolling Storage units designed to accommodate these prior collection cabinets in addition to remaining tomorrow-proof for future cabinets as the collection continues to grow.

All CSM Rolling Storage required inspection capabilities without the need for invasive tool access or potential harmful checking and cleaning for vermin and other contaminants.

Due to the delicate nature of the specimens (many of which are preserved on single pins), all new cabinetry needed to accommodate perspex coverings to allow for research and viewing without disrupting exhibits. As such, these custom cabinets were developed in-house by CSM’s engineering and fabrication specialists to house existing removable exhibit trays – disposal of which could have exposed the specimens to potentially disastrous handling.


  • Further custom service and product outcomes included:
  • Installation:
  • All track sections and joints were welded, ground and finished to provide a smooth surface to allow for no bumps or disturbance in handling delicate collections.
  • All track welding was co-ordinated with fire services, particularly automatic inert gas fire extinguishing system.
  • Custom features:
  • Rolling storage size metrics were custom constructed to house cabinets of differing constructions (timber drawers) and external dimensions, while also remaining tomorrow-proof to integrate with new and future cabinets.
  • Special environmental controlled sealed cabinets on rolling storage.
  • Additional IP rated sealed cabinets, with removable doors and 3-point locking. New trays and draws incorporated to house the exhibits.

Across the entire suite of CSM Rolling Storage installed, each of the 900 cabinets features design integration with stable micro climate. This importantly allows for\ protection from insect and vermin infestation, in addition to potential risks from water incursion. As such, zero off-gassing was mandatory. Each cabinet, moreover, was required to allow for fixed and removable shelves carrying an additional safety and collection management capability: appropriate air circulation within the cabinet for environmental control and fumigation. All doors and cabinet surrounds incorporate a water shield in addition to a closed cell silicone gasket. These design solutions allow the doors’ memory retention to protect a stable micro climate, while further protecting priceless internal specimens from insects, vermin and water incursion. Each cabinet features locking mechanisms to promote greater secure management of the Australian Museum’s entomology collection.