Lionel Bowen Library

Lionel Bowen Library

Lionel Bowen Library was officially opened as the Bowen Library on Sunday 25 August 1991 and is named after the late Deputy Prime Minister Lionel Bowen, in appreciation of the contribution he made to the local community. Randwick City Council was looking to replace the existing motorised compactus shelving unit, which is housed in a public space of the library on level 1, as it has reached the end of its life.

CSM were engaged to remove the entire existing unit comprising of 18 moving rows and one central pillar with floor rails and supply and install a new CSM fixed track power operated compactus storage unit. The local studies materials and archives were carefully housed on site in crates and returned to the new unit.

CSM were the successful tenderer due to their knowledge and expertise in dismantling an existing unit and installing a CSM product that was the best solution for this project, all within a public space, minimising the impact on the staff and library patrons.

Features of the new power operated compactus unit include:

  • 238 bays in total, providing 114 liner metres of shelving
  • Dual drive 4 track system
  • Logic Plus Mobile Controller System
  • Decorative vinyl panels, paying homage to the rich history of the Randwick City Council electorate
  • An open ‘pass through’ carriage on the end carriages to store larger archive boxes
  • Ramp gradient is BCA and DDA compliant to ensure it is not a trip hazard
  • Photocell infrared beam as part of the Motor Current Monitoring System (MCMS), as part of the safety device

Products used in this project