Financial Institution

Financial Institution

This financial institution is praised as one of the best workplaces of the decade. The world-class facility encourages the tech and innovation staff, to step outside the digital and into a tactile world.

The seven-story structure has earned an abundant of accolades from the Green Building Council of Australia and NABERS. A smart building as such requires smart and sustainable storage solutions. CSM provided a varied and bespoke approach to facilite a practical and secure solution that didn’t compromise on the design integrity of the environment.

A 100% agile workplace, the workplace is a collection of spaces that are sequenced in a repeating pattern. This starts at the atrium edges which have been purposed as activated ‘sidewalks’ for collaboration. From here, ‘me’ and ‘we’ spaces can be accessed with a hierarchy of huddle, scrum and meeting areas evenly distributed.

With a priority on team and collaborative spaces, the vastness of open space required a compact and flexible space saving storage solution that provided durability and high level security throughout the space. Engineered and designed for high volume and high access loads, the CSM Rolling Storage Compactus with tambour doors was utilised across 5 floors.

Offering 50% more storage capacity than standard shelving and taking up to 40% less floor space CSM’s Rolling Storage Compactus served as the perfect solution. The 4-5 metre long high density rolling storage flanks the core in the western side, providing consistency across all floors along with a centralised storage solution.

Made from steel (the most recycled material on earth) and locally manufactured in Sydney, CSM’s Rolling Storage Compactus also supported the project’s key driver of sustainability.

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