Australian Museum - Dry Rock Store

Australian Museum - Dry Rock Store

The Australian Museum holds one of the country’s largest and most geological significant collections of rock and stone. The exhaustive, heavy yet fragile nature of the collection required the Museum to update its dedicated storage facilities which, offered several opportunities for unique storage solutions for CSM.

Recognised for our work in steel, we have become Australia’s go-to leading specialists in conservation storage design, engineering and manufacturing solutions tailored to specific design outcomes and budgets, delivered nationally under competitive lead times.

The Australian Museum Rock Store comprises 400 bays of heavy duty CSM Rolling Storage units, storing approximately 150-tonnes of geological specimens housed within removable trays and drawers.

Both collection and end-user safety considerations were a priority for the Museum and provided unique engineering outcomes including smart distribution of weight across whole of slab, reducing point load, integration of Mechanical Assisted Gearing to allow for ease of movement for heavy bays and production of 200kg trays and drawers with double extension industrial strength runners to support the rock collection.


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