Sydney University Museums – Macleay Museum

Sydney University’s Macleay Museum engaged CSM to develop specifically tailored storage solutions to house and safeguard their treasured mammalogy specimens.

Macleay Museum hold the oldest natural history collection in Australia, and were looking to reorganise their mammalogy collections in particular. CSM’s storage solutions needed to be customised in a way that would provide protection for these historically precious and delicate items.

CSM was able to adapt and manufacture a Self Based Rolling Storage Unit to fulfil these requirements. Oversize angle metal shelves that can be easily removed were incorporated so staff can examine the specimens without the need to handle them, reducing the risk of damage. Lockable hinge doors were fastened in between segments of the Rolling Storage Unit to boost protection of the specimens. Vermin viewing holes were also integrated along the base of each segment to permit more effective pest control practices.

By integrating these different functionalities, CSM supplied a satisfying solution for Macleay Museum, delivering safe homes to their little fury friends for years to come.

Products used in this project