Pull-out Art Racks

Pull-out Art Racks

CSM’s Rollout panel system provides a flexible high-density art and exhibit storage which is of uncompromising Australian made quality. The CSM system is completely modular and can evolve with your growing and changing collection storage requirements, with easy integration of additional units and allowing future expansion and easy relocation.

Designed, engineered and manufactured by CSM, each system may be customised for the unique approach of each cultural and art collection.

The versatile Roll-out system for large Artwork collections is complimented by Rolling Storage (Compactus) mounted Art Rack which are ideal where space is limited and/pr where a collection is a mixture of Art and irregular shaped or heavy artetfacts.

CSM Art racks permit not only secure storage of artwork but also all types of exhibits, collections and artefacts. The double-sided panels enable complete and free access, maximise hanging surfaces and provides ventilation.  Protection and elimination of damage to artworks is paramount.  The CSM Art Rack System comprises of dual mesh panels on framing with 40mm of clear space. Artworks are thus separated “back to back” with no obstruction and multiple panels may be accessed concurrently.

In addition, CSM’s Safety Hook System, (patent pending), provides fail safe fastening so art works cannot be accidently dislodged during operation.

Each panel may be fitted with individual drop bolts which are key lockable for security. And as additional protection each screen may be fitted with a security panel.  These panels can be clear Perspex to allow viewing.

All rollout panels are equipped with heavy duty load bearing wheels with polyurethane tyres which provide smooth operation and accommodate changes in floor level and condition and eliminate vibration further protecting delicate artworks and exhibits. The anti-tip overhead guides ensure trouble free, safe and smooth movement of each panel for long term superior operation.

The floor-based system with polyurethane tyres overcomes the load restrictions and maintenance issues of overhead rail systems.  Plus the absence of overhead rails allows for full access for trolleys and large artworks and irregular shaped artefacts in passage ways.

The roll-out panels are extremely versatile and accommodate storage of all forms and sizes of paintings, maps, posters, street signs, prints, drawings, fabrics, clothing and embroidery. In addition, CSM Art Racks may store any cultural artefactual collection consisting of narrow irregular shaped or long items such as spears, bark paintings, clothing (and stamp collections). The spacing between panels may also be customised if required.

CSM Art Rails are used in such collections at NSW Parliament Library, State Library of NSW, Campbelltown Art Centre, Mid Coast Council, Lismore Regional Gallery and National Trust of Australia.

  • Fully welded modular frame powdercoated to Australian Standards
  • Designed, engineered and manufactured by CSM in Australia.
  • Fully customisable dimensions and load capacity
  • 50mm x 50mm x 4mm mesh to allow fingers through to fasten hooks
  • 40mm spacing between mesh panels to allow air circulation
  • 60kg point load for hooks
  • No overhead obstructions in aisle space
  • Heavy duty wheels with cast iron centre and heavy race resistant polyurethane tyres
  • Adjustable panel spacings
  • Fully customisable height, width and depths
  • Fully modular and reconfigurable
  • Guide compensation for uneven floors and unbalanced loads
  • CSM Fastening Hook System, patent pending, for unsurpassed stability and protection of art work
  • Optional lock bolts for security
  • Optional clear panels over art exhibits for protection
  • Label Holder on each screen
  • All frames and guide tracks are structurally bolted into the floor for stability

In addition, CSM’s Safety Hook System  (patent pending)  provides fail safe fastening so art works cannot be accidently dislodged during operation.

Standard Models

Height 2400 2400 2400
Width 3500 2600 2000
Depth 3000 3000 3000
Number of Panels 9 7 5
Panel Spacing 350 350 350

All frames and glides 2.5mm high strength steel

All dimensions may be designed and customised to client’s collection requirements.

Custom dimensions and specifications are available. Contact CSM.


Charcoal or Dark Grey


CSM’s Colour Pallet of 20 Contemporary Colours

Dulux and Jotun Colour Chart of over 200 colours

Additional costs and servicing restrictions may apply on optional colours

  • CSM Fastening Hook System  (patent pending)  completely locks cables in position
  • Additional labelling holders on screens and panels
  • Drop bolts with key on selected on all panels for security
  • Clear panels over art exhibits for protection

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