Pop Ped

The Pop Ped’s main benefit is its versatility of storage capabilities. In the lower compartment it is able to store larger items such as handbags, shoes, gym bags, bike helmets, etc. As an added benefit, it can also store A4 files. The top area has a removable basket that can also be placed on a desk throughout a workday and locked away overnight. The removal of the basket will then allow for even larger items to be stored in the unit. The basket also contains a pen tray which covers the basket completely so the user can store items such as a phone, wallet or purse out of sight. Due to its seating and storage capabilities the Pop Ped is a space-saving unit. Firstly, it eliminates the need for an office chair and a separate pedestal. Secondly, as it is also a mobile unit, it can be stored under a desk and moved out as needed.

Height Width Depth Configuration
500mm 420mm 420mm Without Drawer
515mm 430mm 430mm With Drawer

Overall dimension displayed, standard specifications shown.
Dimensions subject to change without notice. Contact CSM for customisable options.

Technical Workshop

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