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The new ABW workplace for TAL, Australia’s leading specialist life insurer has been designed for simplicity, flexibility and collaboration, whilst supporting TAL’s leadership market position. In response to this approach, CSM worked with the project team to provide a holistic storage solution to help realise this vision.

The integration of CSM’s Evolution cabinet range enhances flexibility and provides clear definition to work zones. The sliding door panels contain acoustic, sound absorption properties, enabling easy team collaboration to occur with minimal disruption to other users.

Supporting TAL’s ABW initiatives, CSM’s customised lockers were integrated throughout the environment facilitating greater diversity of work settings throughout the lifecycle of the tenancy.

Workspaces are flanked with Oxy Planter boxes and Evolution cabinets cultivating biodiversity and interior habitat.

High density rolling storage was incorporated with a customised vinyl graphic treatment for greater visual dimension.

Project Team.

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