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Benefits of Steel Lockers

CSM have seen an increase in the number of CSM Kache Lockers being specified on projects. Why could this be?

Steel lockers are extremely sturdy and functional, offering an aesthetically pleasing product in a cost-effective way. The lockers can be used across a wide array of environments, predominantly for heavy duty use. However, they can also be used for more delicate projects, choosing from a range of  finishes including powder coat colours and graphics allowing for a more customised solution.

Here are a few benefits of using a steel body locker on your next project.

Modular/ Reconfigurable

Should the team need to move or change offices, these types of lockers can be reconfigured, added to, removed or be changed without replacement of lock or electrical components. This is a huge cost saving during a new fit out.


Steel body lockers may be reused, resprayed and at end of life may be fully recycled.

No chemicals are used in the manufacturing process of steel lockers, including metal pre-treatment, and within our manufacturing facility, all storm water is recycled. This has all helped CSM gain both GECA and ISO9001 and ISO14001 approvals but more importantly, reduces our environmental footprint on this earth.


The steel body is very robust with smooth internal finishes. Compared to timber, it is non combustible, which is important with the addition of cabling and other components.

Low Maintenance

The long term costs of maintaining metal lockers is very low. They can also be repainted.


Metal lockers can have a variety of locking systems, ranging from the basic key lock to incorporating the  more advanced RFID card swipe technology.

Metal also allows for various colour options to be applied and different surface finishes including graphics, chalk board, whiteboard and mirror type finishes to the doors.


CSM stand behind the quality and longevity of its lockers. CSM Lockers also have a manufacturers warranty of 5 years and can be extended to 10 years or even lifetime.*

*conditions apply

Should you require any information in regards to CSM Lockers, please do not hesitate to give one of our team members a call.


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