Introducing Work Aisles Frame

Introducing the perfect complement to the Work Aisles collection—Frame.

Easily added to the single or double Work Aisles cabinets, Frame is perfect for seamless side-by-side banking and space management.

Work Aisle modules allow you to mix lockers, hinged door cabinets, bookcases, touch-free rubbish and recycling cabinets in a variety of sequences to meet the storage needs of each work zone. Safely store personal items in close proximity, integrate recycling units for touch less rubbish disposal or turn storage space dividers into planters for a safely distanced, biophilic workspace.

Select your Work Aisles, add doors and locks to create a personalised solution. Increase the height and width with Frame for more privacy in your space. Add your Frame, mix your Frame, adapt your Frame – create any solution to suit your needs. These Australian designed and manufactured freestanding cabinets are engineered for reconfiguration. Simply add a range of accessories to your Frame including book case shelving and planters to suit your individual requirements.

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Meadowbank Education & Employment Precinct

CSM has established itself as a leading education supplier, having worked with most of Australia’s largest academic institutions. CSM applies the same unique practical logic for cost effective space saving ideas for student art, materials and books, uniform and space saving equipment, to heavy duty and dedicated storage of field equipment, precision instruments, samples and specimens, and research products in universities and research facilities.

The Meadowbank Education and Employment Precinct is a prime example of this. Meadowbank Public School and Marsden High School were relocated to the Meadowbank Education and Employment Precinct. A leading education precinct that housing the Meadowbank Public School and Marsden High School to create a responsive learning environment that is responsive to educational, economic and environmental conditions and requirements.

Focused on future innovation, the precinct caters for 1,000 primary school students, 1,500 secondary school students and a further 120 Intensive English Centre students.

The new purpose-built facilities designed by Woods Bagot house the separate primary school and high school in multilevel, multipurpose buildings with play spaces and landscaped areas. Side by side, the schools form a connected education community, supporting students to achieve their potential throughout their school years.

CSM was proud to work with the project team at Winc to provide the Office Lockers, End Of Trip Lockers, Lateral Cabinets and filing cabinets. All manufactured from Australian steel and finished in Green and Dark Teal.

Connection, collaboration and conversation – College of Law

The College of Law is a provider of innovative, practice-focused and flexible legal education enhancing the careers of legal professionals across Australasia. After more than 50 years, the College made the decision to move its St Leonards campus and other hubs to a centralised headquarters in the heart of Sydney’s CBD.

Led by the talented team at WMK Architecture in collaboration with Buildcorp this significant transition was driven by the world-class training provider asking one pivotal question, what will our places of work and study look like in 2025 and beyond?

As the world propelled forward in terms of remote and digital working over the last few years, the way we connect, learn and practice has completely transformed. And our physical spaces need to transform along with it.

“We are making a definitive statement; to reaffirm the College as a vital meeting place – where busy professionals engage, learn and collaborate,” Neville Carter, CEO, explains.

“We don’t see the space in terms of lecture halls and people sitting at desks all day. Instead, the facilities will be full of interactive spaces. We see the idea of ‘hotelling’ around spaces, and of people coming and going in a more fluid way.

We see people accessing our facilities whenever they wish to. It will be a place where people come.”

Drawing on these ideas, WMK’s design philosophy was centred around positioning the new campus as ‘The Incubator’ – a place that nurtures meaningful professional relationships while encouraging valuable collaborative experiences.

The Incubator allows students and professionals to connect, learn, experiment, and collaborate.
To help bring The Incubator to life and facilitate and environment that adapts to various workstyles CSM’s latest Work Aisle collection was integrated into the design, finished in white powder coat and oak laminate.

Supporting the design vision of literally breaking down the walls between the student and the professional team, Work Aisles Duos featuring an elegant, elevated leg are located off the primary circulation path, to help organise the space whilst creating zones for shared, work, collaborative and amenities – providing both function and flexibility whilst supporting the design principal of erasing the student-staff separation and deepening relationships at every turn.

For over 30 years we have been providing lockers and storage solutions for a diverse range of government departments, education, and workplace environments.

Work / Life / Sustainability Balanced

CSM recently worked closely with Gray Puksand and MPA Projects to develop the latest Frasers Property Australia Spec Suites at Rhodes Corporate Park.

Interior workplace fitout, Frazers, Rhodes for CSM

“We are thrilled with the design outcome of these suites. The lockers are a key value-add to the design and enhance flexibility within the workplace. The range of finishes and flexibility within the CSM locker range meant that we could specify lockers that tied in seamlessly with the look and feel of each suite”.
— Dana Pizzolato, Senior Interior Designer, Gray Puksand

Interior workplace fitout, Frazers, Rhodes for CSM

The driving principal for the spec suites was to create a best-in-class facility that promotes health, happiness and sustainability.

With sustainability at their core Frasers Property Australia and Gray Puksand’s design solution delivered tangible outcomes not only leaving a lighter footprint on the environment but also significantly reducing carbon emissions.

To support their sustainability goal further CSM was awarded the lockers package for the project. To provide the best-in-class facilities that include towel service, ensuites, bike racks, ironing and steaming facilities, hair dryers and straighteners, the team required best-in-class lockers manufactured from steel – the most recycled material on earth.

Interior workplace fitout, Frazers, Rhodes for CSM

Our local manufacturing capabilities allowed for the project to be delivered on schedule along with supporting the extensive sustainability drivers.

At CSM, we understand the power of steel.

More steel is recycled every year than paper, glass, aluminium and plastic combined, meaning steel has the ability to leave a positive and long-lasting environmental impact. Our product stewardship commitment to zero-waste and non-toxic chemical use means that all CSM products are designed to be 100 per cent recycled. Everyday, we see the power of harnessing steel’s recyclable potential to make real change. It gives us the backing to integrate each arm of our business to close the loop on waste.

Our locker and unique storage solutions are manufactured to your specifications in our Australian factory. With a diverse range of Australian-made lockers and storage solutions, there are no material or shipping delays.

For over 30 years we have been providing lockers and storage solutions for a diverse range of government departments, education, and workplace environments.


Providing Flexibility For Changes Collection Requirements

Renowned for structural integrity, purposeful design and our company’s commitment to a sustainable environment our product range can be seen across both Government Departments and the private sector. Designed, engineered and manufactured by CSM, each system offers flexibility and customisation for the unique approach of each cultural and art collection.

CSM’s customisable art storage solutions offer ultimate flexibility for your individual art storage requirements.

We are proud of our diverse range of projects from public, commercial and private galleries. These include Art studios, Exhibition facilities, Workshop studios, solution for curators and collectors designing exhibition spaces to securely protect fine art whilst optimising storage space.

Whether your collection is a mixture of art and irregular shaped or heavy artefacts; canvas, sculptures, fine art, prints or photography – we design products for all applications. CSM Art racks are modular and come in a variety of popular heights, depths and widths. Our Art racks can also be easiely added to with convenient sized modules and relocated or reconfigured.

Art Racks

CSM Freestanding Art Racks are ideal where high access is required to the art works being stored.

The modular sliding art rack system permits not only storage of paintings, but ensures complete and free access. The double sided panels maximises hanging surfaces and provides ventilation.

Protection and elimination of damage to art works is paramount. The CSM Art Rack System comprises dual mesh panels on framing with 40mm of clear space. Art works are thus separated “back to back” with no obstruction.

All our products are hand finished, welded for strength, and our state of-the-art machinery means manufacturing to high specifications quickly without sacrificing on standards. What’s more, we’re ISO 9001, ISO14001 and GECA Level A certified so you can trust that no compromises have been made, either for quality or for the environment. Ours is a minimal waste and non-toxic chemical plant and all CSM products are 100% recyclable.

Till Storage & Extra Wide Map and Art Cabinets

The Vertical Till storage lends itself to framed works in large scale as well as odd and tight spaces.

Our extra wide Art & Map cabinets are ideal for both professional Large Galleries and for Collections in smaller Galleries & Studios as well as student artworks.

For more information about CSM’s customisable solutions, please contact us. 

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If the last couple of years has confirmed one thing — workplaces are constantly changing.

Never has it been more important to remain adaptable and when you’re managing flexible working arrangements, more traditional formats or even cutting-edge modular and non-assigned office layouts, teams require an equally versatile storage solution. CSM Locker collection offers the greatest range of workplace, education, gym and EOT lockers in Australia. Our collection has the most comprehensive range of locker accessories and locking solutions for every project.

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CSM Locker collection and accessories are designed to assist workplace flexibility. Employee carry all – Hotbox locker caddies, support agile work environments allowing for safe secure storage of personal belongings. Hotbox isn’t just a carry product; it quickly and efficiently allows you to define your workspace anywhere.

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For over 30 years we have been providing lockers and storage solutions for a diverse range of government departments, education, and workplace environments.



The three-storey Institute of Science and Learning was inspired by the natural world and is an expression of Taronga Zoo’s sustainability credentials and continuous conservation efforts. Designed by NBRS Architecture, the space provides an aesthetically pleasing and functional environment for scientists, educators and visitors coexisting under the institute’s roof.

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