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8 trends transforming pandemic-conscious offices in 2021

Offices are now reopening to the wider workforce. Meanwhile, hygiene, de-densification and streamlined flexible working options are indexing higher than ever in employee positive user experience.

From experimental facilities management protocols to app-based team organisation technologies, here are the 8 most impactful trends changing offices in 2021:

Arrival, disembarkation and general circulation will continue to be challenged, making a strong case for overall ‘de-densification’.

Staggered trading hours and start times, consolidated entry and exit points and greater overall monitoring to keep risk elevation to an absolute minimum.

Technology plays a critical role in the success of this change management, but raises concerns regarding the difficulty of behavioural shifts. Adoption rates for technology will reflect employee satisfaction in how offices compensate for the loss of human touch. Achieving humanity through digital platforms will be key.

Workplace communication platforms will consider simulated technology to enhance the communication experience.

Ratios of desk assignment will reduce and will be dependent on booking systems as opposed to free address.

Apps providing the user confidence that a workpoint has been serviced and cleaned will continue to increase in adoption rates. For employers, these applications will offer more transparency on tracking and identification of respective users and assets.

Areas in which people congregate will be more heavily monitored and controlled – allowing both greater cleaning management and streamlining isolation measures should second waves of infections arise.

‘Zero touch’ will transform the whole-of-workplace experience as smart building systems evolve with touchless technologies: automatic doors, sensor taps and mobile apps controlling everything from destination lifts to booking systems.

CSM proudly introduces WEQA’s end-to-end solution for a frictionless working environment in 2021:

End users, consumers and businesses have radically amped up the rate of digital competency. We now all recognise being a digital native is essential to life, work and play in a pandemic.

This trend has impacted the commercial sector, where even building automation continues to evolve apace – managing traffic, facility utilisation, safety control, hygiene documentation and scheduling.

To address these needs, CSM teamed up with WEQA – an Australia-based mobile app and software developer – to provide these innovative solutions for flexible workplaces undergoing frustrations and daily interruptions in this uncertain period of transition.

Press PLAY to watch WEQA Perepctive App video 

Perspective App: Digital intelligence meets design. More safety, more efficiency and more control

Perspective App is the latest workplace strategy tool developed by WEQA. As a comprehensive solution for all personal and shared storage, desking, collaborative and multimedia workplace assets, Perspective App features management, configuration and reporting capabilities.


Book a desk, book a locker, book a collaboration space

Together, CSM and WEQA have investigated how current COVID-19 precautions impact the degree, frequency and type of utilisation across a whole host of workplace assets: from storage to desking, multimedia technologies to collaboration tools and beyond.

Team safety was and always will come first. And this means efficient, safe and productive solutions need to be touchless.

Unlock the commercial asset mix, provide vital workplace resources and reassure team safety with Perspective App’s touchless asset management system.

What is Perspective App’s UX model?

In 5 simple steps, businesses can design their whole workflow through Perspective App:
1. Perspective App’s self-service model removes human contact with no-touch access via employee smartphones or low-touch kiosk screens
2. In Perspective App, employees can search, find and select lockers, desks or workspace resources
3. Administrators use Perspective App to determine which assets require cycling out for cleaning, configuration or timed security access
4. Perspective App database generates real-time reports to give employees transparency on safe and available workspace assets
5. Perspective App report modelling provides administrators with ongoing utilisation statistics.

100% Tailored, 100% Scalable

How does Perspective App work?

Perspective App can be tailored to any workplace need and size. Now end users and facility managers can control the complete spectrum of office resources:


  • Perspective App tracks real-time visibility of available workspaces, assets and tools.
  • Mobile workspace management software ensures touch-free allocation, booking and configuration models for workspace control.
  • Perspective App’s user privilege dashboard gives facility managers complete transparency on demographic and use statistics for whole of workplace facilities and each individual asset.


  • Perspective App’s software-as-service model integrates with existing building management software
  • Simple QR code access allows users and administrators to manage the allocation, utilisation and hygiene control of any workplace’s total asset mix


  • Cloud software reduces all data impact on company servers, storing whole database of Perspective App’s service
  • High levels of security encryption protect Perspective App users and offer administrators modifiable security controls

Low Outlay

  • Perspective App is a hardware-free solution which does not require any cabling or Bluetooth beacons for operation. The full suite of service is a low-cost resource for businesses of all scales.

Beyond reducing touchpoints for viral transmission, Perspective App’s fully compatible and integrated service provides a handle on traffic, circulation, wayfinding and resource allocation.

Entirely scalable for single or multiple work sites, Perspective App’s touchless solution brings reassurance, safety and streamlining to many fraught processes of office working in a pandemic.

Perspective App other features include:

  • User ability to sign-in via multiple devices for ongoing and advance booking
  • Manager ability to link with multiple organisations, configure workflows, monitor cleaning and use cycles and control security
  • Visibility based on geo location
  • Cable-free and Wifi-enabled integration with all pre-existing workplace assets and building management active directories
  • Custom branded app capabilities
  • Administrator management capabilities on team, individual and guest access
  • Low upfront cost generating savings over the whole lifecycle of tenancy.

Find touchless peace of mind with Perspective App

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